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Monday, June 16, 2014

Amanuensis Monday - 1901 Letter from Mom

From Geneabloggers: Amanuensis Monday is a daily blogging theme which encourages the family historian to transcribe family letters, journals, audiotapes, and other historical artifacts.

'Tonic' made by Augustus C Gruissy
This letter was written to my great grandmother, N. Regina (Gruissy) Mark 1879 OH – 1959 OH while she was in Michigan visiting her sister, Rephenia Gruissy Nichols and her husband, Willis Nichols. The Nichols and their son moved to Michigan in late 1900 or early 1901 from Ohio.

This was written by Esther Barbara Wolf, Regina’s mother. Esther [1836 PA – 1906 OH] was the daughter of John Franklin Wolf & Elisabeth Burkholder. Esther was 65 when she wrote this letter. In the letter she repeatedly asks her daughter to return home to take care of herself and her husband.

This letter is full of misspellings and grammatical errors. The pages of this letter have no punctuation. Some periods have been added to make the reading easier. Each paragraph below is a new page. It looks like Esther wrote these pages over a series of days.

To: Miss Regina V. Gruissy, RFD No. 2, St. John’s, Clinton Co., Michigan
From: Esther B. (Wolf) Gruissy, RFD North Lawrence, OH
Postmarked: 4 September 1901

Dearest Dauter [daughter] I set myself to anser [answer] your kind and much welcome letter wich [which] we ware [were] glad to here [hear] from you that you are well But sory [sorry] to here [hear] that Willas [Willis][1] is not well and seth [Seth][2] is not well. Pap[3] is not well. His hands is so Bad. i am pretty well now. hoping this may find youns all well now. pap said i should tell you to tell willis that if he wants som [some] medsen [medicine] he will send him if he pays the Expres [sic] on it. See how Bad ine [sic] Estman was and she is usen [using] the tonic and others are usen [using] the tonick [tonic] and are well.[4] Well you want to now [know] about flowrs [flowers]. tha [they] are all in Bloom. Tha [they] are lovly [lovely]. The Canies [sic] is in Bloom now and the morning gloers [glories] is too nice all kinds of flowers. I have caned [canned] 25 cans of all kinds and will can that meny [many] more.

Graps [grapes] is not ripe yet and tha [they] are plenty. i [sic] will tell you what we have peches [peaches] and Caleitch [sic] and tatoes [sic] and sweet taters plenty. i have cooke [cooked] jam, sewt [sweet] corn and Beens [sic] and tomates [tomatoes] and mangoes no appy [sic]. Pap went to them Dutch folks Bergley ware [where] we stoped [stopped]. i am alone. i will go to mises [misses] Cfinery [sic] and sta [stay] all night. i think you had Better come home soon. Come on the Expres [express train] for the smith farm is lonesome i herd [heard] and Com [come] soon. Maryl [sic] said she would send you money to come home. new come and have Some pleshure [pleasure] wenn [when] you can. this month is the first the nabors [neighbors] are well. you must think hard of me for not righten [writing] sooner for pap and me was at west lebnon [Lebanon] 2 weeks. Pople [people] are all well. we came home.

friday. We went to a sale and Bught [bought] a Bed sted [sic] and a quilting fraim [frame] so you can work when you come home soon. pap sends his best wishes to all. pap cant right [write] now for his hands is so Bad he cant right [write]. I hurt much time to right [write]. pleas [please] anser [answer] soon and why don’t Refenia[5] right [write] and what is she doing [doing] and why don’t gusta[6] right [write].She told pap she wold [would] right [write] and what is mgy[7] Dooing [doing]. Well i must tell you that i have another spice in my frindshoft [sic]. Your Cousen [cousin] frank wolf married a spice. Refina she should right [write] and argret [sic] ihave so much to Doo [do]. i don’t know [know] whare [where] to cmense [commense]. sweet corn to drie [dry] and Beens peaches to can and Drie [dry] and Doo [do] I have oald [sic] frute [fruit] caned [canned] a lot yet

Don’t [sic] what regina will Doo she may want sum [some] cans of frute [fruit]. i must no [know]. Regina pleas [please] and get that little Black Dog whare [where] Refina and Ray[8] had the on whare [where] pap giv [give] to ray [sic] and send it in for pap. he [sic] will pay the Expres [sic] on it. Pap told Refenia if tha [they] Did not want it she send it to him. you [sic] sa [say] why will you why. when he went pedaling[9] he took it along and it still watched him and wold [would] bark if som [some] one wold [would] com [come]. get it soon and Expres [sic] it to Burton City Wayne Co Ohio. there is another Burton.

morning of the 4th. well I slept at Cofmans. rested well. hoping you are well and all the rest nabors [neighbors] wishs [sic] you well and a speedy rturn [return]. Best wishes of all the nabors [neighbors] all. the Coffman girl roat [wrote] to you. Did you anser [answer]. well i must tell you that Ole Maxhimer has Canser [sic] on her brest [sic] and she wants us to right [write] to her. well i must go and get my milk for pap is not here. i wish you was here to help us get them wild chers [cherries] a corse [across] the Road. Th [sic] are nice and good. i am Baking Bread and pachs [peaches] and Elder Beries [berries]. plenty work all my self. Pap cant [sic] help me. his hands is so Bad the one finger has no bone in it. Feels so and is all cruket [crooked] Bt [but] will Doo [do] the Best we can. children som [some] times i crie [cry] for we are alone. god [sic] will car [care] for us. Tell the wrest [rest] right [write] soon. anser [answer] soon E. B. Gruissy
now pleas [please] and Doo [do] get soon it will please him to think that you care for him. if you get the little Black Dog put it in a small Crate [sic]. Ssend it soon pleas [please]. Well mises [sic] Breneman sends her Best wishes to you and said you should Com [come] home soon froam [from] mother to Dauters [daughters]. anser [answer] soon
Esther B Gruissy

Tell the Willes[10] and Seth[11] pap said if tha [they] want eny [any] Medsen [medicine] tha [they] shouldand he will send only tha [they] shal [shall] pay the Expres [sic] Charges. wo [who] Could Doo [do] eny [any] more. well i got my milk and to Day [today] the Butcher coms [comes] and i will get some prest [pressed] ham for my self to Eat and som [some] meat too. Anser [answer] soon
Esther B Gruissy

[1] Willis Nichols [1869 OH – 1940 MI] husband of Rephenia Gruissy. At the time the letter was written Regina was visiting her sister and brother in law.
[2] Seth Benner Morrison [1861 PA – 1952 OH] husband of Margaret Jane Gruissy. His wife was the half-sister of Regina.
[3] Augustus Ceaser Gruissy [1840 OH – 1915 OH] was married three times. Esther B Wolf was his second wife. He was 61 when this letter was written.
[4] Augustus grew herbs and made & sold medicines.
[5] Rephenia (Gruiss) Nichols [1870 OH – 1943 MI], daughter of Augustus Gruissy & Esther B Wolf.
[6] Emily Augusta Morrison [b 1888 OH], daughter of Seth B Morrison & Margaret Jane Gruissy.
[7] Possibly  ‘Maggy’ Margaret Jane (Gruissy) Morrison [1861 OH – 1946 OH].
[8] Richard Ray Nichols [b 1886 OH], son of Willis Nichols & Rephenia C Gruissy.
[9] Augustus pedaled his medicines door to door.
[10] The Willis Nichols family
[11] The Seth Morrison family

Monday, June 2, 2014

Amanuensis Monday - 1901 Letter from Niece

From Geneabloggers: An Amanuensis is a person employed to write what another dictates or to copy what has been written by another. Amanuensis Monday is a daily blogging theme which encourages the family historian to transcribe family letters, journals, audiotapes, and other historical artifacts. Not only do the documents contain genealogical information, the words breathe life into kin – some we never met – others we see a time in their life before we knew them. 
I am fortunate to have copies of a collection of letters written to my great grandmother. I have been occasionally posting them here.

This letter was written to my great grandmother, N. Regina (Gruissy) Mark 1879 OH – 1959 OH while she was in Michigan visiting her sister, Rephenia (Gruissy) Nichols and her husband, Willis Nichols. The Nichols and their son moved to Michigan prior to the 1900 US Census. Regina and Rephenia were 'full' sisters who also had four half sisters from their father's first marriage. The letter writer, Lillian Vera Moore, was the daughter of one of those half sisters, Carolina L (Gruissy) Moore.

It sounds like Vera's mother is urging her to write this letter. I can picture her mother standing over her, waiting for her to finish so it can get into the mail.

Augustus Ceaser Gruissy with his second wife & his five daughters
Standing, left to right: Rephenia Gruissy Nichols, N. Regina Gruissy Mark & Margaret Gruissy Morrison
Seated, left to right: Caroline Gruissy Moore, Augustus Ceaser Gruissy, Esther B Wolf Gruissy & Mary Gruissy Lutz

To: Miss Regina V. Gruissy, RFD No. 2, St. John’s, Clinton Co., Michigan
From: Lillian Vera Moore[1]
Postmarked: 2 Aug 1901

Dear Aunt Regina –
I am going to try and make up with you for not writing sooner but really I have been so busy. I have not had time. I suppose you are having a good time. I know I am. Well Fred looks kind of homesick lately. I wonder why.
Jerome is well and all right. He is coming down to-night if nothing happens. I wish I could see you now. Have you seen Emma[2] since you are out there? How are all of the folks up there?
Mama was up yesterday and helped Mrs. Morton iron. Mama[3] has been waiting for me to write my letter so her news is a couple days old.
Well I must close as it is nearly mail time. We are going to have our ice cream supper at Leroy Saturday night. Wish you were here. Good-bye. Write Soon. Your niece, Vera

[1] Lillian Vera Moore, 1884 OH – 1967 OH, daughter of Peter J & Caroline (Gruissy) Moore; half niece of Regina
[2] Emaline Floy (Moore) Spice, 1883 OH – 1942 OH, oldest daughter of Peter J & Caroline (Gruissy) Moore. Married Feb 1901 to Arthur Spice in Michigan.
[3] Caroline L (Gruissy) Moore, 1863 OH – 1936 OH, daughter of Augustus C Gruissy & Mary Ann Everett; half-sister of N Regina Gruissy. She and Peter were living in Medina Co., OH.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks = Week #8; N Regina Gruissy; Ohio Wife & Mom

This prompt comes from Amy Johnson Crow at her blog, No Story Too Small. She suggests we “write once a week about a specific ancestor. It could be a story, a biography, a photograph, a research problem — any that focuses on that one ancestor.”

I have decided to begin with my grandparents and to work back through the generations. Of my eight great grandparents only two were still living when I was born. Regina & her husband were living in Ohio. I was a little girl when Regina died and, unfortunately, I do not remember her.

N. Regina Victoria (Gruissy) Mark
31 January 1879 OH – 24 May 1959 OH
My Great Grandmother
Nancy Regina Victoria Gruissy Mark
Regina was the youngest daughter of Augustus Ceaser Gruissy and Esther Barbara Wolf.[1] The couple had five children but only two grew to adulthood. Regina’s older sister was Rephenia Cathern (Gruissy) Nichols. She also had half siblings.

In 1880 Augustus Gruissy, his wife and five daughters were in Wadsworth, Medina, OH. Augustus was a peddler.[2] The youngest daughter was Nancy Regina. There are few references to this daughter as Nancy. When I began researching my great grandmother I discovered that some of her children did not know her first name was Nancy. She was most often called Regina.

Regina and Thomas K Mark both worked at the Medina County Home. When Thomas first saw Regina he told the other guys to leave her alone, she was all his[3]. On 28 Jan 1903 Thomas married N Regina Gruissy. They were both 23 years old when they married.[4] I am fortunate to have copies of letters written between my great grandparents. There are also letters written between Regina & her mother and other relatives. I will be sharing some of those letters in future posts. 

Dec 1902 envelope from Letter written by Regina to T K Mark

In 1910 Thomas & Regina were renting a farm in Westfield Twp., Medina, OH. They had three little girls: Isabell, Vera & Ivy.[5]  In 1920 the Mark family was on Prospect Street, Guilford Twp., Seville Village, Medina Co., OH. Thomas was a carpenter and Regina was the mother of 7 children, ages from 16 to 11 months old.[6]

In 1930 Thomas & Regina were living in Guilford, OH. Four children were still at home.[7] In 1940 they owned their home at 181 Bergey Street, Wadsworth. Three children were at home.[8]

My Aunt Gen remembered her grandmother. She said Regina was an immaculate housekeeper. There was never a speck of dust in her house. Each item had a particular place and she made sure everything was in its place. She would do her cleaning in the morning, make lunch, clean up the kitchen and then take a nap. She kept an afghan on the sofa. She’d stretch out, cover herself with the afghan and nap for half an hour. Then she’d get up, revitalized. Gen remembered going to her grandparents’ house after Regina died. Her grandfather and one of her uncles were living there. She looked around and there was dust on the furniture. That was something Gen had never seen while her grandmother was alive. 

Her granddaughters said Regina liked to crochet, make quilts and garden. She made quilts for her children. She sewed little dresses for her granddaughters.

Regina died 24 May 1959.[9]  She is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery in Wadsworth, OH.[10] Once Gen went to Wadsworth Cemetery with her grandmother. Regina showed her granddaughter the plot where she would one day be buried. She said she chose the spot because she "would feel the sun on her face in the morning."

Thomas K & N Regina Mark
on their 50th Anniversary

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[1] Record of Births, Medina Co. Ohio, #4821  ; 1879; Probate Court of Medina Co. Ohio, Volume 1; Page 95;
Nancy R. Gruissy. b.30 Jan 1879.
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[10] The Medina County Genealogical Society, Tombstone Inscriptions from the Cemeteries in Medina County, Ohio, 1983. Evansville, Indiana: Whipporwill Publications, 1984. Thomas & Regina Mark.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Census Sunday – Nichols

                                              Rephenia(Gruissy) Nichols [1870 OH – 1943 MI] was my great grand aunt. She married Willis
Willis, Rephenia & Richard Nichols
L Nichols [1869 OH – 1940 MI]. Their son was Richard Ray Nichols [b 1886 OH]. Sometime between 1886 & 1900 the family moved to Michigan. I have been able to find them there from 1900 – 1940.

1900 US Census, Olive Twp., Clinton County, Michigan; 1900; Vol.16, E.D. 14, Sheet 9; Line 36
Willis L. Nichols, 31.  Occupation: Carpenter. Married for 9 years.  
Wife, Rephenia C., 30, b April 1870 OH 
Son, Richard R., 4 b OH

1910 US Census, Grand Rapids, Kent Co., Michigan; 1910; Vol.50, ED 112

Willis Nichols, 41 b OH, Carpenter in "car shop"
Wife, Rephenia, 40 b OH, married 19 years. Trade: "Landlady" Nature of Industry: "Boarding house". 
Son, Ray, 14 years old

1920 US Census, Grand Rapids, Kent C., Michigan; 1920; Vol 53, ED 84, Sheet 10; Line 16

Willis Nichols, 50 b OH; living at 128 E. LaBelle St.
Wife Rephenia, 49 b OH

1920 US Census, Ronald Twp.,  Inonia Co., Michigan; 1920; Vol 41, ED 97, Sheet 4; Line 90

Ray R. Nichols, 26 b OH, Occupation: Cabinet maker in furniture factory.
Wife, Lucy b MO

1930 US Census, Grand Rapids, Kent Co., MIchigan, SD 7, ED 41.

WIllis L. Nichols, 61, b. Ohio, Carpenter on Construction. value real-estate $4,500; not a veteran
Wife, Rephenia, 60, b. Ohio

1940 US Census, Norton, Muskegon, Michigan; SD 9, ED 61-66, Sheet 37B
Willis L Nichols, 71 b OH, finished grade 6

Wife, Rephenia Nichols, 70 b OH

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Surname Saturday - Alphabetical Ancestors N

Continuing my Alphabetical Ancestors, here are my ‘N’ surnames.
 I am putting out many
names that don’t often appear in my blog posts in hopes of connecting with others who share these names. We can compare facts, sources & stories and expand our combined information. Please read through to discover if you are the cousin I am looking for.

N is for these Surnames…

Roy Edward Nee [1878 – 1963] was the son of Henry and Matilda Nee. Roy was married three times. In 1922 he married Isabell Esther Mark [1903 – 1984] in OH. They had two sons, Harold and Paul. Harold served in the Army during World War II. He had four children.

Edward Newell [b 1873 OH] married Cora Bell Mark [1872 OH – 1905 OH]. They were married in Ohio in 1892. In 1900 Edward was a day laborer in Wooster. They had two daughters: Edna & Maude. Cora was only 32 when she died.

Willis L Nichols [b 1869 OH] married Rephenia Cathern Gruissy [1870 OH – 1943 MI]. They had one son, Richard Ray Nichols [b 1886 OH]. They were married c 1891 and by 1900 were living in Michigan. Willis was a carpenter. He & Rephenia also collected and sold seashells to button makers. Rephenia was well known in the family for her large size, her wonderful sense of humor and for smoking cigars. She was my great grand aunt.

Jacob Noonemaker married Anna Margaretha Ritter [b 1776 PA]. They had two children: Maria Elizabeth [b 1794 PA] & Johanas [b 1800 PA].

Charles Edwin Norris married Ethel May Miller [b 1893 OH], daughter of Charles Henry & Effie Belle Miller. They had two children: Raymond Lemoin [b 1913] and Viola May [b 1915].

Raymond Alexander Nothstein [1914 PA – c 1987], son of William D & Bessie Nothstein, married Viola Cathern Mark [1913 OH – 2004 FL]. They were married in 1935 in OH and had four children. In 1940 Raymond was a laborer in Summit Co, OH.

Other ‘N’ surnames in my tree: Newton, Nicholls & Noye.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Surname Saturday – Lawrence

Three Generations of the Lawrence Family:

1.    Robert Lawrence, c 1680 VA – 1744 NC, son of John & Mary Lawrence. He married Elizabeth, daughter of John & Elizabeth (Osborne) Nicholls. Robert & Elizabeth are my 7th great grandparents. They had eight children: John, George, Humphrey, Thomas, Robert, Elizabeth, Martha & William.[1]

2.    Humphrey Lawrence, c 1726 – 1722 NC, son of Robert & Elizabeth (Nicholls) Lawrence. He married Ann Ashley, daughter of Thomas & Ann (Hicks) Ashley. They had five children: Frederick, Reuben, David, Anne & Nathaniel. Humphrey was a goldsmith in Bertie County, NC.[2]

3.    Anne (Lawrence) Dillon, c 1762 NC – c 1830 MS, daughter of Humphrey & Ann (Ashley) Lawrence. Anne married Richard Dillon, son of James Theopilous & Mary Dillon. They had nine children: Joanna, Nancy, Lawrence, Charkston, Willis D., Mary, Theophilous, Clara & Sarah. Richard served in the Revolutionary War. [3], [4], [5], [6]

[1] Creel, Bevin J. A Patriot's Legacy: The Family of Richard Dillon and Ann Lawrence From Bertie County, North Carolina To Southern Mississippi and Louisiana. Franklinton, Louisiana: Privately Printed, 2002.
[2] Ibid.
[3] Conerly, Luke Ward, Source Records from Pike County, Mississippi: 1798-1910; 1798-1910; South Carolina, Southern Historical Press, 1989.
[4] Pedigree Chart & Family Papers assembled by Zelda Marie (Alford) Fortenberry, 1994.
[5] 1820 US census, MS, Pike, NARA Roll M33-58, page 110; Richd. Dillon family.
[6] Pension Application for Richard Dillon, #2959; State of Mississippi, Pike County; Copy from National Archives Record Group #15A, R. 2959.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - a Michigan Pic

left to right:
Willis Nichols b 1869 OH
his wife, Rephenia (Gruissy) Nichols 1870 OH - 1943 MI
They were married c 1891.

Thomas Kenneth Mark 1879 OH - 1975 OH

Thomas was visiting them in Michigan.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Fearless Females – Names

From TheAccidental Genealogist to honor National Women’s History Month. Prompt: Do you share a first name with one of your female ancestors? If not, then list the most unique or unusual female first names you’ve come across in your family tree.

Alberta Joy Gardner
This prompt calls out to me. I like interesting & unusual names. My mother’s name was Alberta Joy Gardner. I’ve never heard of another Alberta. She was named for her father’s deceased brother, Albert Gardner. She usually went by Joy. Her parents were childless for seven years and when she was born her middle name had to be Joy!

Her are a handful of names from my family trees that I find interesting:

Appollonia Dick [born 1738 at Sea – d c 1791 PA] m Johann Jonas Wolf

Charlotte Temple Ott[1815 LA – 1895] m Nathaniel Brumfield

Euseba Foretnberry [1809 SC – 1878 MS] m Wyatt Smith

Louisiana Brumfield [b c 1848 LA] dau of John & Cindyrella Brumfield

Narcissa Izela Fortenberry [ 1835 MS – 1902] m Warren M Huffman

Rephenia Cathern Gruissy [1870 OH – 1943 MI] m Willis Nichols

Thiry Yvonne Brown [b 1929 MS] dau of H. A. & Brown & Freddie Smith

Viola Cathern Mark [1913 )H – 2004 FL] dau of T K & N Regina Mark

Violette Kennington [1786 – 1858 MS] m William Jasper Fortenberry

Wava Alice Mark [1919 OH – 2011 OH] m Alvin H Braun